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Prince2 is a framework for controlling project and programme management, it provides a method by which to operate and a toolbox of approaches that can assist in achieving the overall objective(s). Prince2 underpins and informs the need for making good decisions and minimising risk, where there many possibilities are uncertain outcomes.

A typical Prince2 programme will start with a business justification document where the need for the project to happen at all is discussed and the pros and cons are weighed against each other.

Once agreed as required, the project gets a Project Charter, a document designed to define issues, plan expectations, scopes resources and roles, sets a timeframe and communication tools. It should be made clear what the defined benefits and outcomes should be.

Control documents such as action logs, risk logs and issues logs also form a part of the underlying principles of Prince 2. Such measures allow visibility by the senior project sponsors and allow risk reduction and management strategies formed, communicated and implemented as the programme moves forward.

Work-stream feedback meetings, minuted actions, reports on actions completed and those on the horizon for completion are also put on the agenda during staged review meetings of the individual projects.

Fundamentally Prince2 is a risk reduction process that seeks to improve visibility and reduce opportunities for slippage within a project. SCS UK Ltd undertakes all projects with Prince2 at their foundation.

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